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Our Condoms

Q: What kind of condoms do we use?
A: Our condoms are FDA-compliant, have a 4-5 year shelf life and good lubrication.

Q: Do you offer larger condoms?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t. Our condoms are standard size and will fit the majority of men out there. Unless you are Andre the Giant.


Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $19.95 shipped within the United States. International shipping costs will depend on where we’re shipping to and how many Funny Condoms™ you’re ordering.

Q: Do you ship discreetly?
A: Of course, we ship discreetly. Our packages are shipped in a plain white or kraft yellow bubble mailer for small orders, and brown or white boxes for larger orders. Our name on the shipping label will appear as SIWAC. The name that will appear on your credit card statement will be FC8669976542.

Q: Who do you ship with?
A: We ship with either USPS or FedEx.

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship our condoms from New Jersey. The Garden State. It’s on the east coast of the United States

Q: Where’s my order?
A: That’s a fantastic question! The best way to check is to review the automated email you received when we shipped it out. Didn’t get an email? It may have gone to SPAM. You can log into your account and pull down the tracking information as well. If you received a tracking number, but USPS or FedEx haven’t updated the location of your order, then it may have gotten lost or USPS or FedEx may just not have updated their system. This happens from time to time and when it does, we’ll ship you out another order immediately. However, keep in mind, we don't lose condoms. So no matter what, you will get your Funny Condoms™, guaranteed. 

Q: How long will it take for my Funny Condoms™ to ship?
A: We do our best to ship orders within 1-2 business days, because we know you need them quick. But please know that for the free shipping option that we offer, we use USPS. It can take anywhere from 1-10 days for your order to arrive within the US and even longer if we’re shipping internationally. If you need your order by a specific date, we suggest that you upgrade to another shipping option.


Thanks for purchasing your Groupon. We receive over 100 orders a day from Groupon and have received every question possible about how to use them. So, to help you out, we've answered all your questions below. 

Q: I made my purchase on Groupon so why do I have to check out here?
A: You bought a voucher that can be redeemed on our site for the quantity and type of condoms you bought. If you bought a Groupon for 5 Funny Condoms™, then you must make sure that you're purchasing 5 condoms from the category that your Groupon is valid for.

Q: Can I use multiple Groupon's with one order?
A: Unfortunately, no. As per Groupon rules, only one Groupon is allowed per order. So, if you have five Groupon's, you have to place five separate orders.

Q: My Groupon code isn't working. What do I do?
A: Make sure that you're inputting the actual Groupon Voucher code number (not your Groupon order number or account number). The code will be 8 characters long.

Q: How do I enter my Groupon Voucher?
A: You'll do this once you're in the cart. Even if you select PayPal or Amazon as your payment method, you will always be redirected to our site where you will be able to enter your Groupon Voucher. Once your Groupon is successfully added to the cart, the only left will be the shipping fee. 

Q: I purchased a Groupon and I'm being charged shipping even though my Groupon purchase was over $19.95. What gives?
A: Please read the details of your Groupon. It states that we will charge shipping for your order. Just an FYI for you, we barely break even when you're purchasing a Groupon for 5 Funny Condoms™. Between the shipping costs, printing out the shipping label and picking and packing your order, we won't have enough money left over for a 1/4 cup of coffee at Starbucks. If you purchased a Groupon for 50 or 100 condoms, we will gladly refund your shipping charge if you email us with your order number. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause you.


Q: Do you offer wholesale, bulk, or educational pricing?
A: Yup, we sure do. Please email us at for more info.

Q: Why was my order charged a customs fee when it was delivered?
A: International orders may be subject to customs duties/fees. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil of ordering from overseas. Check with your local laws regarding any taxes or fees you may have to pay once these arrive.

Other FAQ’s

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: If we screw things up, we will gladly fix it and send you a new batch of Funny Condoms™, or offer you a refund on your order. We do however reserve the right to refuse any return for health and security reasons. No one wants a used, uh well, you know. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, shoot us an email with the issues and we will do our best to work something out.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Why Shop at Funny Condoms™?

All Funny Condoms™ are printed directly on the foil before being assembled. Our jokes and designs are created in-house by the Funny Condoms™ and Say It With A Condom design and editorial team. We pioneered the selling of Funny Condoms™ in 2008 when we launched the Obama and McCain Condoms. Do not be fooled by imitators; we are the best in the rubber business.